Setup Score: 7 out of 10

Overall setting up the Nike+ Fuelband was a combination of being pretty straight forward along with a couple of really quirky elements that made it confusing at times. There is room for improvement, but it was pretty good overall.

Biggest plusses:
  • Easy software installation.
  • Easy Bluetooth connection.
  • It has a watch (and it's a cool one!).

Biggest minuses:
  • Lack of integration between Nike+ Fuelband app and the Nike+ GPS app.
  • Nike+ Fuelband Points: As a first time user, "What are they and why do I care about them?"
  • Lack of weight tracking: It has to be one of the top use cases for this app/device combination and it is completely ignored.
  • Disjointed registration process between software install (computer), registration, and iPhone app install.
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