App/Device Categories

The set of apps/devices I am going to review for Aug-Sept 2012 fall into the following categories: 
  • Activity Monitors
  • Food Trackers
  • Sleep Monitors
  • Scales & Body Fat Trackers
  • Blood Pressure Cuffs

Activity Monitors

I have selected the activity monitors that I will use for the Aug-Sept 2012 evaluation. They are outlined in the table below. The rationale for choosing the ones I did is: 
  • BODYMEDIA FIT & LINK ARMBAND: They were one of the earliest in the market and have survived into the digital health era despite being way ahead of their time. 
  • NIKE+ FUELBAND: The newcomer on the block and one of the first major consumer brands into this space. Their entry has validated the space and everyone is talking about their product. 
  • FITBIT ULTRA: One of the early entrants into the digital health app/device combination space. They had some quality problems with their early manufactured devices (click here for more info), but are still one of the leaders. They deserve a close look.
  • POLAR FA20: A great company that has been around since 1977 making heart rate monitors and GPS systems for hard core athletes and runners. Many of the most successful early apps largely copied their system and put it on the phone (Runkeeper and MapMyRun). These guys may not get the software side of the business, but their leadership makes them someone to watch. 





Your body talks. We listen.

The BodyMedia FIT system gives you highly accurate information on activity, calories and sleep patterns - the most accurate in the market.Clinical study results show it can improve weight loss up to 3x!

BodyMedia FIT is an on-body monitoring system that consists of the BodyMedia FIT Armband monitor, online Activity Manager*, an optional Display and free downloadable apps for mobile device users. BodyMedia FIT Armbands automatically track the calories burned during your daily activities - from pumping iron to using an iron - and monitor the quality of your sleep, an important factor in weight loss. The information tracked can easily be managed with BodyMedia's online Activity Manager. Add in the easy-to-use food log and you have the right information to improve your weight loss.

Nike+ FuelBand tracks your activity through a sport-tested accelerometer. Then translates every move into NikeFuel. Nike+ FuelBand tracks running, walking, dancing, basketball - and dozens of everyday actions. It also syncs up with a motivational web and mobile experience. So put it on and get moving.

Make every step you take a step toward better fitness. The Fitbit Tracker shows your real-time activity stats so you know how close you are to your goals. It's with you every step of the day, motivating you to make small changes that add up to big results.

For people who want to improve their health and fitness by measuring the impact of their daily activities.
  • Guides you towards a more active lifestyle with the 24/7 Activity Measurement
  • Shows graphically all your effective active motion
  • Tells you if you’re improving health or fitness
  • Displays calories burned, distance covered, active steps and the duration of your activity

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